Bracket Crisis Action Mi Power League S2 - Cross Server

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Bracket Turnamen Crisis Action Mi Power League S2 - Cross Server
Turnamen akan dimulai tanggal 30 September 2017

We want to remind both of the teams :

1. Match will begin at 30 September 2017, 11:00 AM WIB / GMT +7
2. Please make sure your team are standing by at least 1 hour before the match starts
3. If the team that should be playing are not ready even after the 10 minutes window that are given, admin will disqualify the team.
4. You can't change the member of the team that are participating during the tournament
5. For the purpose of online broadcast, name, nickname, team name must not have words that are associated in: Sex, Religion, Racism, Offensive, or Rude. If by the time tournament starts and the previous mentioned names have not been changed, admin team have the authority to disqualify teams.
6. Please do frequently check the Challonge bracket for the tournament schedule (Match Details)
Good Luck and Thank you

Special Rules for Cross Server :

1. Match will take on Creator Server using special ID
2. Change the ID name to your original ID name
3. You CAN NOT REINFORCE any weapons or you will DISQUALIFIED from Tournament
4. You CAN NOT RECHARGE the ID or your original ID will be BANNED
5. You CAN use any Characters
6. Match will BO3 (Bomb Mode - Team Mode - Bomb Mode) until Semi Finals
7. Semi Finals will using Round Robin Mode with 2 round for every match
8. 3 Points for Win/Win, 1 Point for Win/Lose, 0 Point for Lose/Lose
9. The Winner is determined by the Points that team collected
10. If there are 2 teams with same points, BO1 with Team Mode will be taken

Bracket Crisis Action Mi Power League S2 - Cross Server :

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